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Handover of the new lighting system

Alföldi Tej Értékesítő és Beszerző Kft.
By the end of August 2015, the installation of the new induction lighting system consisting of a total of 1344 pieces has been finished at the site of Alföldi Tej Ltd in Székesfehérvár and the system has been handed over.


As part of the investment, a so-called event controlled lighting system was installed in the finished product storage. The essence of this is that the fixtures are turned on and off automatically, based on two different principles. On the one hand, the storage area is monitored by cameras and these cameras, which are connected to a central computer, automatically control whether the fixtures are turned on or off. On the other hand, in areas where there is no constant movement (corridors, communal areas), movement sensors were installed and the operation of the fixtures was automated using these sensors. With the help of this event controlled solution, the lighting system can be operated in an even more economical manner. Due to the new technology implemented as part of the project, the amount of harmful emissions is reduced, allowing for the achievement of the primary objective of the project: the reduction of environmental impact.

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